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From Flash Guns to Memory Cards, Battery Packs to Tripods, we have a wide range of accessories for your photographic needs.

ALL Nikon Original Accessories
Nikon original accessories, lens caps, body caps, lens hoods, remote controls
ALL Lighting & Studio
Choose a flashgun from the wide selection of flashguns from the Camera Centre Dublin. We carry a wide range of flash brands fixed head or bounce head.
ALL Grips & Battery Grips
A battery grip is a great accessories to have as part of your camera kit, choose from a range of brands to suit your camera from the Camera Centre Dublin
ALL Microphones
Get better sound recording from our wide range of DSLR Microphones for your DLSR camera or Camcorder - Order your choice of microphone now from the Camera Centre Dublin
Flash/Mic/Slider Brackets
Used by professionals around the world, these revolutionary Bracket Systems are ideal for mounting wireless...  
ALL Memory Cards & USB Storage
Choose from a wide selection of memory cards and USB storage - high speed and standard from the best memory card & USB storage brands at the Camera Centre Dublin.
ALL Lens Filters & Hoods
Choose from a wide range of camera lens filters and lens hoods from the top camera filter brands from the Camera Centre Dublin.
ALL Cleaning Kits & Screen Protectors
Cleaning kits are an important part of all photographers essentials. Choose from a range of cleaning kit and screen protector options from the Camera Centre Dublin
ALL Lithium & Rechargable Batteries
Camera, laptops, and camcorder batteries, chargers & adapters
All Camcorder Lithium Batteries
ALL Chargers & Travel Adapters
Chargers, batteries chargers, travel adopters, laptop chargers
ALL Remote Controls/Transmitters
Every photographer should have a remote control, So fast and easy to use you never miss that special shot. We stock IR hand, cable and wireless remotes which can opporate up to 100 meters from your camera! So get your self one today from our wide selection find the one to suite your camera form the Camera Centre Dublin
ALL Bundle Kit Offers
Choose from one of our great bundle deals and save!!
Digital Grey Card
For perfect color balance
You never get lost with SatNav or GPS from TomTom
WIFi Transmitter Kit
Extend 300Mbps wireless connections to previously hard-to-reach areas of your home and office
Voice Recorders & Headphones
Digital voice recorders and audio headphones from the Camera Centre in Dublin.
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