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Fixed Focal

Fixed Focal

Fixed focal length lenses give that all important extra image quality with many models being perfect for portraiture...  

Sony FE 135mm f/1.8 GM Lens

Product Code: SEL135F18GM.SYX.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736091924

From €1,899.99
Sony SEL 400mm f:2.8 GM SYX

Product Code: SEL400F28GM.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736084353

Sony SEL 24mm f/1.4 GM

Product Code: SEL24F14GM.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736083981

From €1,589.99
Sony SEL 16mm F/2.8 Pancake

Product Code: SEL16F28.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524636635

From €239.99
Sony SEL 20mm F/2.8

Product Code: SEL20F28.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524923216

From €339.00
Sony SEL 24mm F/1.8 ZA Sonnar T

Product Code: SEL24F18Z.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524796742

From €1,039.00
Sony SEL FE 28mm F/2

Product Code: SEL28F20.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736001961

From €429.00
Sony SEL 30mm F/3.5 Macro

Product Code: SEL30M35.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524796636

From €249.00
Sony SEL 35mm F/1.8

Product Code: SEL35F18.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524894912

From €399.00
Sony SEL Sonnar T* FE 35mm F/2.8

Product Code: SEL35F28Z.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524934731

From €829.00
Sony SEL Distagon T* FE 35mm F/1.4 ZA

Product Code: SEL35F14Z.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736002029

From €1,599.00
Sony SEL FE 50mm F/1.8 OSS

Product Code: SEL50F18B.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524952414

From €299.99
Sony SEL FE 50mm F/2.8

Product Code: SEL50M28.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736043954

From €579.00
Sony SEL FE 50mm F/1.4

Product Code: SEL50F14Z.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736028371

From €1,599.00
Sony SEL 55mm F/1.8 AE

Product Code: SEL55F18Z.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524934762

From €899.99
Sony SEL Sonnar T* FE 55mm F/1.8

Product Code: SEL55F18Z.AE

Barcode/EAN: 4905524934762

From €899.99
Sony SEL 85mm F/1.4 GM

Product Code: SEL85F14GM.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736020290

From €1,989.99
Tokina FíRIN 20mm f/2 FE MF

Barcode/EAN: 4961607634448

From €799.99
Sony SEL 100mm F/2.8 STF G-Master OSS

Product Code: SEL100F28GM

Barcode/EAN: 4548736054837

From €1,779.00
Sony SEL FE 85mm F/1.8 SYX

Product Code: SEL85F18.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736058354

From €669.00
Sony SEL FE 50mm F/1.8 SYX

Product Code: SEL50F18F.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736033092

From €219.99
Sony SEL FE 90mm F/2.8 Macro G OSS

Product Code: SEL90M28G.SYX

Barcode/EAN: 4548736002081

From €1,089.00
Sony SEL 35mm F:1.8F SYX

Product Code: SEL35F18F

Barcode/EAN: 4548736099760

From €689.99