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Camera Centre Beauty Blogger Twin Arm LED Light Kit


Camera Centre Beauty Blogger Twin Arm LED Light Kit

Highlights: • Dual LED Light arms
• Energy efficient, long-life LED lights
• Dimmable - 100 different brightness levels!
• Cool/blue light option & warm/yellow light option or a combination of both!
• Adjustable Colour Temperature Control
• Remote Controller
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Quality Professional Lighting Products From People That Know What They Are Talking About. (Best Price And Best Advise!) Best Seller Loved By Beauticians,The Ferrari Of LED Beauty Lights,Purchase Your Light From The Lighting Experts, (We Know What We Are Talking About When It Comes To Lighting!) Contents. Double arms LED fill light: LED fill light: 1pc Adapter: 1pc Cellphone holder: 1pc Hose: 1 pc Ipad holder 1 pc 6inch Mirror: 1pc Camera holder: 1pc 2m Stand: 1pc Instruction: 1pc Bag: 1pc Remote Controller: 1pc
Camera Centre Beauty Blogger Twin Arm LED Light Kit
Product Code: CC-BBTAL
Barcode/EAN: CC-0007
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Our light offers 360 degree rotation and bendable arms. This allows you to add light precisely where you need it,integrated USB port keeps your device charged for unlimited use! No more having to get of your chair with our now included free Handheld remote control, quick and easy to use you can now adjust all light outputs at the touch of a button. Carry bag gives you fast portability when on the move.

Accessories Included

  •     Smartphone Holder
  •     iPad/Tablet Holder
  •     ¼ Screw
  •     Vanity Mirror (Magnified & Standard)
  •     2m Adjustable Tripod
  •     Long Lead
  •     Padded Carry Case with foam insert
  •     Remote 
Double Arm LED Fill Light Instruction
Ⅰ. Model parameter List
Model SM1892
Input power 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
Output power 60W
Dimmer Stepless adjustment
CCT 3000K~6000K(±200K)
Product size 70*45*2.5cm (Automatic adjustment)
Ⅱ. Details
Ⅲ. Instructions
1. Take out the light from the bag and insert the power cord into the power socket, which is located at the bottom of the console.
2. Pop the console over the top of the tripod and screw on tightly by rotating the fixed bracket button until fastened tightly.
3. Press the power switch once to power on the light. When the display screen shows the power, you will enter the power adjustment mode. The power can be precisely adjusted from 1% to 100%.
4. Press the power switch again to enter the color temperature adjustment mode. The color temperature can be adjusted from 3000K to 6000K. Each adjustment toggles the temperature by +/- 100K.
5. Press the switch button to switch between the color temperature adjustment mode and the power adjustment mode.
6. To power off, press and hold the switch knob for 2 seconds. When the display shows OFF, the device is turned off and the power can be turned off.
7. The light body on left and right sides can be rotated 360°, and the hose pipe can be adjusted as needed.
Ⅳ. Notes
1. Please do not place the light in a high temperature and humidity.
2. Please do not directly touch the light. Do not immerse the product in water or expose it to rain.
Ⅴ. Packing list
No. Name Quantity
1 LED light 1pc
2 Adapter 1pc
3 AC charger power line 1pc
4 Instructions manual 1pc
5 Hose Pipe 1pcs
6 Phone holder 1pc
Ⅵ. After sales service
Please don’t dismantle and repair this product by yourself, otherwise, you should bear all the responsibility. Please turn off the power, and pull off the power line, please contact with the local distributor. One year warranty.
*The technical details are subject to change, the final interpretation of the right belongs to the company.
ON/OFF: Connect either the AC adapter cable to DC socket to supply power for the lamp. Click the Power dimmer knob, and then use the remote control to adjust the lamp.
Night Light Mode: 2% Luminance.
Reduce Color Temperature: Dimming mode.
Increase Color Temperature: Dimming mode.
Reduce Brightness: Dimming mode.
Increase Brightness: Dimming mode.
Save Key: Press and hold for three seconds to save the current dimming mode.
Warm Light Mode: 3000K color temperature & 100% power.
Warm White Light Mode: 4500K color temperature & 150% power.
Cold Light Mode: 6000K color temperature & 100% power.
Half Warm Light Mode: 3000K color temperature & 50% power.
Half Warm White Light Mode: 4500K color temperature & 50% power.
Half Cold Light Mode: 6000K color temperature & 50% power.