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DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Gimbal


DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Gimbal
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DJI OM 4 Handheld Foldable Stabilizer


Capture quality content - quickly and easily with the Osmo Mobile 4.

A New Generation Of Osmo Mobile Stabilisers 

The DJI OM4 is an intelligent mobile gimbal to empower creatives to capture smooth, quality content. 

Foldable and easily transportable, this phone gimbal is the perfect companion for taking photos and videos on the go. 

The OM 4 is a rebranded sequel to DJI’s popular Osmo Mobile range and has a number of key features which set it apart from its predecessors.

Among the stand-out features of the OM 4 is the new, functional quick-snap magnetic phone attachment system.

The OM 4 also has new creative capture modes, and upgraded motors to support heavier phones than previous Osmo Mobile devices.

Content creatives can benefit from the OM 4's three-axis stabiliser technology, and maximise productivity with up to 15 hours of battery life. This phone gimbal can also double up as a portable battery charger.

Compatible with the DJI Mimo app, and thanks to its range of smart features and intuitive design, the OM 4 provides a smart and easy way to capture impressive content.

The OM 4 comes with a range of accessories. These are a carry bag; magnetic ring holder, magnetic smartphone clamp, wrist strap, and tripod.


A reliable and robust mobile gimbal.

15 Hours Of Battery Life And Plenty Of Intelligent Modes

The DJI OM 4 has a range of key features to make it a truly exceptional mobile phone gimbal. The highlights include:

  • New, high-grade magnetic clamping design makes attaching your phone easier.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • 15 hours of battery life.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones.
  • Upgraded motors support heavier phones.
  • Intelligent features such as ActiveTrack 3.0, Gesture Control, and Dynamic Zoom.
  • 4x / 8x slow motion.
  • Range of panorama modes, including new CloneMe Panorama.
  • Compatible with DJI Mimo App, for top-quality content creation.


Attaching and balancing your phone has never been simpler

Two Options For A Quick Fix

The DJI OM 4 features a new and unique high-grade magnetic attachment design, making it easier to attach and balance your phone to this mobile gimbal.

Two options are available to enable super-quick attachment and detachment.

The first is the secure, lightweight and sleek magnetic quick mount. This attaches to the back of your phone and can remain on during daily use. Users can quickly snap the phone to the gimbal using the magnetic clamp.

Alternatively, use the OM 4's dedicated metal ring holder that attaches directly to the back of a  phone.

Having your phone held securely in place allows you to access and control the OM 4’s features and functions with one hand.


Capture sharp, smooth pictures and video with you mobile.

Pair OM 4 With DJI Mimo App 

The DJI Osmo Mobile 4 (OM 4) can be paired with the DJI Mimo App to transform your content – quickly and easily.

Through Bluetooth connection, use the DJI Mimo App to control settings, adjustments and choose preset modes.

Besides the Mimo App, the DJI OM 4 controls the basic camera functions of your smartphone’s native camera app with the option of more advanced functions, depending on the type of phone.

Intelligent Shooting Modes

A range of intelligent shooting modes enhance content creation. 

  • ActiveTrack 3.0: Choose a subject and the gimbal will do the work for you. The newly-improved ActiveTrack 3.0 features better distinction between subjects like adults, children, and pets. Framing can now also be adjusted by using the joystick for enhanced control.
  • Gesture Control: Control the DJI OM 4 by using hand gestures to easily start and stop video recording or take photos. This is perfect for capturing a group selfie.
  • Dynamic Zoom: The DJI OM 4 automatically adjusts the zoom function to create a visually appealing cinematic look; think Alfred Hitchcock’s background shift.
  • Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse: Show the passing of time in a sped-up form using TimeLapse; Motionlapse adds set movement points for the gimbal; use HyperLapse to physically move with the gimbal. These modes will give you super smooth visuals, thanks to Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) technology.
  • Slow-motion: Want to slow down a scene to capture stunning detail? Then use the DJI OM 4's 4x or 8x slow motion mode.
  • Sport Mode: The DJI OM 4 will respond and follow subjects and movements faster.
  • Panoramas: Select from 3X3, 240°, or the new CloneMe panorama, which allows the user to add multiple versions of a person or subject into one shot for a quirky visual effect.
  • Spin Shot Gimbal Movement: The gimbal will rotate the phone to give a spinning effect.
  • Story Mode Templates: A collection of preset templates - including movements, music, and colour palates - will give your content a creative spin. These quick videos are ideal for sharing on social media.


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