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Fujifilm EF-X20 Flash


Fujifilm EF-X20 Flash

Fujifilm EF-X20 Flash
Fujifilm EF-X20 Flash + 4Pack Lithum AA batteries Bundle Kit
Fujifilm EF-X20 Flash + 4Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries Bundle Kit

Compact, lightweight, with exceptional flash performance! The special external flash (GN20) is designed to match the distinctive body styling of the X Serief while ensuring natural shooting. One dial lets you choose between two modes. Auto automatically optimizes flash for both outdoor daylight and dark indoor shots, while manual is perfect for hands on control. When using a wide angle lens, easy one-touch operation lets you take advantage of the built-in flash diffuser.

Compact and lightweight, yet offers a strong light intensity of guide number 20.
With the FUJIFILM's unique flash control technology "i Flash technology", it can automatically optimize the amount of light suitable to every shooting condition.
Crafted from premium metal materials to compliment the design of the X-Series cameras.
Ergonomic design for responsive dial control.
Built-in wide diffuser can be selected by using lever on the side of the flash.
Built-in "Slave Mode" for advanced photography.