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Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 SmartPhone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 SmartPhone Printer

Highlights: • Key features of instax mini Link 2 include:

• Instax AiR allows users to add graphics to their prints, via the free downloadable instax mini Link App1, including bubbles, petals, neon, spray paint, or a glitter look by simply holding the instax mini Link 2, pressing the feature button on top, whilst aiming the side LED to start drawing in the air. What is drawn in the air will then appear on the print preview in-app and once the user is happy with the look, the graphics will appear on the print itself. Users of the instaxAiR feature can even record a video of the drawing and share the moment as a printable QR code that appears on the print. The QR code can be scanned to view the video, download it, or share it on social media.

• Lightweight portability and speed
• Compact, lightweight, and finished with a striped texture, instax mini Link 2 transfers a print in about 15 seconds, supports continuous printing, and is capable of printing about 100 instax mini prints per charge, seamlessly via Bluetooth2.

• Ability to customize your instax mini prints with Image Modes, Design Frames, Stickers, and more
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Introducing the new instax mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer. Fujifilm Mini Instax Link SamrtPhone Printer Mark ll, features a variety of new, unique features designed to encourage creativity, including customizable frames and image color modes that help enhance the mood of an image. Instax AiR is an exciting new feature for Instax mini Link 2, taking interactivity and personalisation to a whole new level by allowing the printer to be a tool to draw “in the air” and apply the effects directly to the print.
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Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 SmartPhone Printer
Product Code: 16767193
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Fujifilm Mini Instax Link Printer Mark ll (White)
Product Code: 16767193
Barcode/EAN: 4547410476385
Save 15.39% / €20.00
Deal ends in: 15/07/2024 23:55:00
Fujifilm Mini Instax Link Printer Mark ll (Pink)
Product Code: 16767234
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Fujifilm Mini Instax Link Printer Mark ll (Blue)
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Save 15.39% / €20.00
Deal ends in: 15/07/2024 23:55:00

Creativity is in the AiR

The mini Link 2 inspires creativity and priceless interactions with your friends and family, all by connecting wirelessly with your smartphone and mini Link app. Jam-packed with fast-paced fun such as  (our brand new AR drawing mode), and much loved Match Test features, get ready to make more and give more with the mini Link 2.

Draw with the printer

Hold down the feature button on your mini Link 2 and start swinging those arms around to enter the virtual world of . If the printer is vibrating it means it's working, so whatever you decide to draw, be it an umbrella, squiggles or even a heart*, it'll appear on your image.

Print your creativity

Draw with your smartphone

Activate our new AR mode,  and add personally drawn frames to your photos via your smartphone. Choose your brush type (this could be bubbles, petals, neon, spray paint or glitter), then have fun doodling before snapping a photo to be framed by your burst of creativity.

Print a laugh

Hidden video

Time to bust some moves... responding in real-time,  picks up on the movements of the mini Link 2 to record a video of yourself drawing a message, all captured as a printable QR code, ready to be scanned with a phone. A stunning print to keep, plus a 'movie' to make them laugh. Result!

Simple Print

Swipe 'n' print

Getting your images into the real world is both easy and speedy. Via the mini Link app, select the snap you want to print and 'own it'. Add text, resize, apply a filter, play with the contrasts, then connect wirelessly to the mini Link 2 before swiping up to print.


In the frame

Take a picture and then add a fun border to show your frame of mind. Will it be amusing, spooky, arty or all out wacky?

Video Print

Poetry in motion

Not all experiences are captured motionless - who doesn't love a video memory? But with the mini Link app you can scroll through your favourite videos, select that magical moment, and hit print.

Collage Mode

Once upon a time

Bring together all your favourite moments in one print to tell your story. Perfect for showing off your fun and outgoing personality.


Stuck on you

With over 1,600 in-app 'stickers' to add to your photos before printing, you'll find one for every occasion (or for hiding that stranger in the background).

Design Focus

In the groove

Small, lightweight and finished with a striking striped texture - the mini Link 2 in Soft Pink, Clay White or Space Blue is something to marvel at. The neat LED strip around the instax button gives you the lowdown on the app's mode and status, and the feature button on the top is used to draw in AR.

Image Quality

Change up your look

Choose instax-Natural Mode for a classic and desaturated look. Go for instax-Rich Mode and you've got yourself a bright and immersive colour output. Both stylish, both offering utmost image quality, both ideal for holidays, festivals, birthdays and travel shots.

Motion Control

Shake it all about

Keep on moving with your mini Link 2. Got a favourite shot? Reprint it in a flip. Ready for some high-speed printing? Keep the printer upright in Print Mode. Seeking some creative madness? Pop it on its back in Fun Mode. Want to control your smartphone? Power up instax Camera Mode.

Sketch, Edit and Print

On your marks

Grab a pen, do a spot of mark making, capture it in-app with your smartphone and watch as the app cuts your sketch out. It's then over to you to add it to your snaps, edit and print. The perfect tool for creativity.

Match Test

Great minds...

...think alike? Find out via the mini Link app. The all-new Go with Your Instinct Mode eagerly awaits everyone's secret choice of colour, before printing a score out of 100 - will you find your perfect match? If you're more a quiz sort of gang, the Match Test Mode is for you. Answer the questions and print out results on a picture of you and your BFF.

Print Direct

All systems go

Not only can you print all your favourite images from your smartphone, but if you're lucky enough to rock the FUJIFILM X-S10 camera, you can print direct. Let the good times roll.

mini Film

Credit card-sized joy.

Your outlook, your style, your eye for a great shot. All captured on our high-quality film, from the experts at Fujifilm. They've gone the extra mile, so you'll always get prints that'll last a lifetime, whether you're keeping them or giving them away.

Recording method
3-color exposure with OLED
Film used
(sold separately)
Image size
2.4 in × 1.8 in / 62 mm × 46 mm
Exposure pixel count
800 × 600 dots
Exposure resolution
12.5 dots/mm
(318 dpi, 80 μm dot pitch)
Exposure gradation
RGB gradation of 256 colors
Bluetooth Ver. 4.2 (BLE)
Printable image format
Printing time
Image recording - photo output (fed out):
Approximately 15 sec.
Possible number of printed images
Approximately 100
(from full charge; number of prints depends on usage conditions)
Power supply
Lithium ion battery (internal type: not removable)
Charging time
Approximately 80 to 120 minutes
(depending upon environment temperature at time of charging)
Power consumption
Approximately 3 W
Operating environment
Temperature: +41 ºF to +104 ºF (+5 ºC to +40 ºC )
Humidity: 20% to 80% (no condensation)
Main unit dimensions
3.6 in × 1.4 in × 4.9 in / 91.9 mm × 36.4 mm × 124.8 mm (excluding projecting parts)
Main unit mass
Approximately 0.46 lbs / 210 g (excluding film pack)
Supplied accessory
Micro USB cable
( BOD700-200, Length: 11.8 in / 30 cm )