GoPro Go-Pole Reach


GoPro Go-Pole Reach

GoPro Go-Pole Reach
Price: €59.99

The compact and portable GoPole REACH GoPro Telescoping Extension Pole is a versatile and durable GoPro accessory designed for capturing rear-facing and forward-facing 180° POV footage. It also lets you get closer to the action and stabilize your GoPro camera while you're recording video. The REACH features a telescoping pole with twist extension locks that allow it to be extended and locked at any length between 17 and 40" (43.2 - 101.6cm). Plus, with a 17" length when fully collapsed and a weight of only 8 oz, the REACH fits into most backpacks and carry-on luggage, making it easy to travel with. It includes an adjustable wrist strap as well.

Attaches directly to all GoPro HERO cameras
The REACH provides a 17 - 40" (43.2 - 101.6 cm) telescoping extension range
The compact and portable high-strength pole weighs only 8 oz
Weatherproof and water resistant design facilitates shooting in inclement weather
The REACH is equipped with secure twist extension locks
Get closer to the action and capture 180° POV photos/video
Allows you to shoot with more stability and precision
Adjustable wrist strap included