GoPro Removable Instrument Mounts


GoPro Removable Instrument Mounts

GoPro Removable Instrument Mounts
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Capture Immersive Video of Sessions
Suitable for Many Instrument Surfaces
Includes Three Mounts
Includes Two Adhesive Strips
Mounts May Be Reused

This three pack of Removable Instrument Mounts from GoPro lets you mount your GoPro HERO to your guitar, drums, turntables, keyboard, or other instruments to capture immersive footage during practice or performance. These temporary mounts can be removed and feature non-damaging adhesive that is safe for most instrument surfaces. Included are three mounts and two single-use adhesive strips.

Ideal for guitars, drums, turntables, keyboards, and brass and woodwind instruments
Just pull the tab to remove - no tools required
Features non-damaging adhesive suitable for most instrument surfaces
Mounts may be reused, adhesive strips are single-use only

3 Removable Instrument Mounts
2 Replacement Adhesive Strips