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Gossen Digipro F


Gossen Digipro F

Gossen Digipro F

A high precision exposure meter with remarkably versatile functions, the Digipro F exceeds the requirements and demands of the professional photographer and the dedicated amateur shooting in both digital media and film-based cameras. Some of the unique features of this meter are: Flash measurement, using a cord or non corded, This meter is also compatible with most radio slave transmitters. Multiple flash calculation, digital read-out (LCD) in 1/10 steps, analog indication of the contrast in 1/2 step increments, storing in memory of values measured and preset, preprogramming of exposure corrections, recalling of all suitable shutter speed/ aperture combinations for a given reading, comprehensive range of frame speeds (fps) for CINE, incl. 25 and 30 fps (TV), automatic battery control, comfortable one hand operation.

Measuring methods Incident, reflected, contrast measurement flash
Sensor Silicon blue cell photodiode
Measure range LW -2.5 - +18
Exposure times 1/8000sec - 60sec
Aperture range f/1 - f/90
Flash sync speeds 1sec - 1/1000sec (inc. 1/90sec)
Video speeds Yes, 8 - 64fps (inc. 25 & 30fps)
Film speeds (ISO) ISO3.2 - 8000
Battery 1x 1.5v AA-type
Size 118x65x19mm
Weight 95g (excl. battery)