GoXtreme VR Glasses


• Virtual Reality Glasses
• For Gaming, Photos, Videos
• 360° Full Panorama
• For 4"-6" Smartphones
• Large, spherical Lenses

GoXtreme VR Glasses

GoXtreme VR Glasses

GoXtreme VR Glasses
Get in the picture and discover the amazing world of virtual reality, just like being there..!

360° smartphone photos and videos combined with VR glasses make it easy to experience your own virtual reality recordings. Unforgettable events, adventures and panoramic landscapes can now be viewed from every angle. The VR glasses take your viewing experience to the next level as the image being viewed is controlled by the users own head movments. This interactive method of viewing your photos and videos allows you to PUT YOURSELF ,IN' THE PICTURE instead of just in front of it....it's like being there all over again.

Experience stunning 3D worlds using various sources including the Google Cardboard app or the "3D Side by Side" YouTube channel. Alternatively, search and discover additional Virtual Reality apps dedicated to displaying content with full 360° panoramic views on Google PlayStore or AppStore. The gyroscope built in to your smartphone translates your head movements directly to the screen giving you the ability to look around the video in all directions.

Thanks to their comfortable face padding and ergonomic head strap, GoXtreme VR Glasses are made to provide the user with the most comfortable interactive viewing experience. The large lenses can be individually adjusted to suit your eye distance and vision, ensuring an optimal viewing experience while the smartphone holder allows easy access to your smartphone ports to facilitate charging and the connection of headphones to complete the experience with the addition of audio.

Technical specifications

LensTwo lenses (diameter 40mm)

Viewing angle80 degree or wider

Dimensions20 x 10 x 14cm


Compatible for smartphones4 to 6 inch screen diagonal 
max. width: 85mm, max. height: 160mm

You can watch your 360° recordings on a smartphone in different ways:

- Using VR glasses in conjunction with your smartphone:
Once your smartphone is inserted into the VR galsses your videos and images can be viewed simply by moving your head.

- Virtual Reality images and videos can be viewed and controlled on a smartphone simply by swiping your finger on the screen.

- 360° panoramic images or videos viewed in the form of a ,spherical' view.

- Virtual Reality recordings on YouTube:
360º videos and images uploaded to You Tube can be viewed and explored in all directions 
with the swipe of a touchscreen or using VR glasses where the view is determined by the users head movement.



Please use your VR Glasses responsibly and do not use the product while moving, operating machinery or driving a vehicle.



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