Hahnel Duo Charger Plus (HL-GP401)


Hahnel Duo Charger Plus (HL-GP401)

Hahnel Duo Charger Plus (HL-GP401)

Hero4 Twin Battery Charger Unit

hähnel PowerKit for Go Pro* Hero4* Silver & Black Cameras / Batteries
Fully compatible with Go Pro Hero4* Black & Silver Cameras & Batteries
Includes HL-GP401 for Go Pro AHDBT-401
Charges two HL-GP401 / AHDBT-401 batteries simultaneously
Powered from practically any USB device via the Mini USB / Micro USB input
Fully charge 1 x battery in 3 hours
Fully charge 2 x batteries simultaneously in 3 hours

Box Contents:
1 x Duo Charger
1 x HL-GP401
1 x Mini USB / USB Cable
1x transparent storage case for HL-GP401

1 x Duo Charger
1 x HL-GP401 Battery
1 x Mini USB cable
1 x Battery Case