Hama Tie Clip Microphone LM-09


Hama Tie Clip Microphone LM-09

Hama Tie Clip Microphone LM-09

As the name suggests, the Hama LM-09 Clip microphone is designed to be clipped on to the collar or lapel of the subject of your video piece. Supplied with a 6 metre cable and windshield, this unobtrusive microphone ensures you get the optimum clarity of audio recording from where you want it. As such, it is an ideal microphone for reporters, presenters, or anyone doing their "piece to camera".

Technical Details:

Characteristic: omnidirectional
Frequency range: 50 Hz - 16000 kHz
Sensitivity: 65 +/-3 dB
Cable length: 600cm
Connection: 3.5 mm stereo plug