HLX-F125 - Extreme Li-Ion For Fuji Battery NP-T125


HLX-F125 - Extreme Li-Ion For Fuji Battery NP-T125

Highlights: • Hähnel EXTREME batteries have a long-standing reputation in the market and continue to be one of their best selling product ranges. Hähnel have always taken pride in manufacturing the highest quality products and we are constantly working in the background, not only designing new products but also making improvements to existing products in the Hähnel range. The Extreme battery range boasts:
• Ultra-high capacity high quality Li-ion cells
• Extra durability for extreme conditions
• Rugged shock absorbing construction
• #hahnelgogreen the extreme range of products use Hahnel's new environmentally friendly 100% plastic free packaging as they continue in their approach to be more accountable for waste & the knock-on effect it has on the environment by taking direct action to compact this, Hähnel's achievements to date in its redesign of packaging include the introduction of:
• 100% recyclable, reclaimed cardboard
• Environmentally-friendly soy-based inks
• Clear water-soluble varnish
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HLX-F125 - Extreme Li-Ion For Fuji Battery NP-T125
Product Code: 1000-149.4
Barcode/EAN: 5099113401496

HLX-F125 Extreme Battery for Fujifilm Digital Cameras
CAPACITY 1370mAh, 10.8V, 14.8Wh
Replacement for NP-T125

  • INCREASED ultra-high capacity
  • EXTRA durability in extreme conditions
  • Long lasting due to higher capacity
  • High quality Li-ion cells 
  • High energy density ratio 
  • Good voltage stability 
  • Capable of more than 500 charge/discharge cycles
  • 3m drop proof
  • Shock absorbing construction