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Inspire Transmitter


• Use Second Tx To Control Gimbal
• Dedicated Video and Photo Buttons
• Gimbal Control Dial
• HDMI and USB Ports
• 2.4 GHz Ground-to-Air Radio
• 5.8 GHz Transmitter-to-Transmitte

Inspire Transmitter

Inspire Transmitter

The white DJI Transmitter for Inspire 1 Quadcopter is the handheld radio controller used to operate the aircraft as well as control the gimbal. You can even use two transmitters with one aircraft, thereby allowing one person to pilot so the second person can concentrate on operating the camera. It features a mini-HDMI (type C) port for connecting an FPV monitor or glasses, plus there is a USB type A port for connecting you mobile device when using the Inspire app.

The transmitter uses a 2.4 GHz band for the control signal, plus there is a 5.8 GHz radio allowing two controllers to be bound together for dual operator flying. In dual operator mode, the "master" transmitter is used by the pilot, while the "slave" transmitter is used by the camera operator to move the camera manually.

Note: The transmitter requires binding before it can be used with your quadcopter. Please refer to the manual for instructions.

Includes 6000mAh battery
Dedicated buttons for video and photo capture
Gimbal control dial
Tablet holder included 

Operating Frequency Transmitter to Transmitter: 5.728 to 5.850 GHz
Transmitter to Aircraft: 2.400 to 2.483 GHz
Range Line-of-Sight: Up to 6561.7' / 2000 m
Receive Sensitivity:  1% PER:-93 dBm
                                    EIRP 10 dBm at 900 MHz; 8 dBm at 5.8 GHz; 20 dBm at 2.4 GHz
Connectivity: 1 x USB type A female for mobile device
                        1 x Micro-USB for firmware updates
                        1 x Mini-HDMI (type C) for FPV glasses or a monitor
                        1 x CAN-Bus port for future accessories
Dual User Capability: Host-and-slave connection
Mobile Device Holder:  Tablet or smartphone
Output Power:  9 W
Power Requirements:  1.2 A at 7.4 VDC
Battery:  6S LiPo; 6000 mAh
Charging Temperature Less than 3 Months: -4 to 113°F / -20 to 45°C
More than Three Months: 72 to 82°F / 22 to 28°C