InterFit Super Cool-Lite 5

InterFit Super Cool-Lite 5

These units offer a convenient yet economical method of modern studio lighting, suitable for use with conventional still digital or video cameras. They provide a soft uniform diffused light. Ideal for Portraits in a confided area or web based product photography, and can be combined with a light pod or pop up light tent. For your convenience we offer a twin head kit (INT117) which features twin softboxes and 2 high contrast reflectors plus lighting stands. Below you will find the versatility of the kit useful for most types and styles of photography. The Super Cool-lite 5 uses daylight balanced fluorescent lamps equivalent to 500 watts of tungsten lighting per head for excellent quality results.

5x 24 Watts (eqv 500 watts)

Contents: 5 x 24 Watt bulbs, 1 x head, 1 x reflector 40 cm (15½"), 1 x softbox 60cm (24").