Lastolite EzyBox ll Square Large 90x90cm


• Extremely lightweight and sturdy
• Fits studio flashes, flashguns and Elinchrom Ranger Quadra
• Optional grids available
• Features a multi-fit bracket

Lastolite EzyBox ll Square Large 90x90cm

Lastolite EzyBox ll Square Large 90x90cm

The Ezybox II is the worlds first softbox designed to fit studio flash, battery operated flash guns and the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX. Designed to meet the demands of modern day photographers who shoot with studio flash and battery flash, the Ezybox II enables them to carry one softbox which fits all their lighting kit and switches from one to the other using simple connectors, without making any adjustments to the softbox itself.

The Ezybox II Square softbox is our lightest softbox ever. Fast to assemble, the softbox simply pops open and is secured using 2 support rods and our unique Ezybox II softbox frame. The Ezybox II Square is available in 3 sizes - small, medium and large and features inner and outer diffusers which when used together, produce a two stop light loss and simply require the correct connection kit depending on your chosen light source(s).

Compatible With Studio Heads

This product will work with your studio heads.


Easy to store and take with you.

Compatible With Flashguns

This item will work with your flashguns.

Rip Stop Material

A grid of rienforced stitching accross the fabric ensures that a small snag will not develop into a large rip.

Warranty Lastolite Products

Lastolite will repair or replace any product found to have a manufacturing defect. This Warranty is effective for two years from the date of purchase.

Weight1484 g

Comes With Fabric BagYes

Depth54 cm

Diffuser - Height90 cm

Diffuser - Width90 cm

Height120 cm

In Bag - Depth15 cm

In Bag - Height52 cm

Stops of light loss-2f

Open SizeLarge


SurfaceDiffuser 2 Stop

Weight - In Bag1.561 kg

Width94 cm

In Bag - Width42 cm