Lastolite Flash Kit


Lastolite Flash Kit

Lastolite Flash Kit
Price: TBA
400 Watt Single Brollie Kit
Price: €339.99
400 Watt Single Soft Box Kit
Price: €369.99
400 Watt Twin Brollie Kit
Price: €669.99
400 Watt Twin Soft Box Kit
Price: €769.99

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Containing everything you need for the home, studio or location work, the Lastolite Lumen8 SV twin 400w head lighting kit is great value for money. Offering full control of the power output over 5 stops in 1/10th steps, this kit can be put to a variety of uses, from close up product shots to family portraits. Included in the kit are two 400w flash heads, two wide base lighting stands, two reflectors, two black and white umbrellas and two carry cases mains and sync leads.

Included Accessories:

2x Black/White Umbrellas, 2x Wide Base Lighting Stands, 2 Carry Cases, Leads and Modelling Lamps

*Guide Number - 60
*Recycling Time - 0.4-1.6 secs
*Flash Duration - 1/700-1/1700 sec
*Flash Power - Full-1/32nd
*Power Control (stepped rotary dial) - 1/10th f Stops
*Construction - Metal casing with plastic control panel
*Colour - Black
*User Replaceable Tube - No
*Modelling Lamp - 100w
*Modelling Lamp Modes - Full, Proportional, Off
*Auto Dump - Yes
*Colour Temperature - 5300-5600k
*Slave Cell - Yes (up to 10m)
*Triggering Methods - Sync, Test, Slave
*Main Operating Controls - Rocker Switch
*Sync Voltage - 4v DC
*Voltage Stabilisation - +/-1%
*Fan Cooled - No
*Thermal Cut Off - Yes (x2)
*Ready Light - Yes
*Audible Recharge Confirmation - Yes
*Operating Voltage - 170-240v 50-60Hz
*Umbrella Fitting - 8mm
*Fuse Rating - 6 amp (spare supplied)
*EM Noise Suppression - Yes
*Size - 410x182x210mm
*Weight - 2.5kg
*Accessory Fitting - S Type Bayonet