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Manfrotto Lykos Bi Colour


• The brightest portable LED, up to 1500 lux at 1m (daylight).
• The new SMT leds improve the output relative to product dimensions.
• Dimming and colour temperature regulated manually or wireless via Bluetooth.
• Excellent colour accuracy (>93% CRI) and improved optical efficiency

Manfrotto Lykos Bi Colour

Manfrotto Lykos Bi Colour
Product Code: MLL1300
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Manfrotto Lykos BT Dongle
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Manfrotto Lykos LED SoftBox
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Manfrotto L7.2V Battery Adoptor
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 LYKOS offers incredible light output whilst maintaining very compact and portable dimensions. It is the ideal solution for photographers and videographers on the go. Because its power and portability, LYKOS is a breakthrough in continuous LED lighting for portrait and commercial photography on location or in studio.

LYKOS LED panels incorporate the latest LED innovations available (Surface Mounted Technology) and dedicated lenses, which guarantees images with perfect colour rendition and no colour cast.

All units are “Bluetooth-ready”. Optional Bluetooth dongle transforms LYKOS in a smart device and permits remote control through a downloadable iPhone App or via Manfrotto Digital Director App.

Lux@1m 1500
Collection/Series Lykos
Weight 470 g
Battery Type Li-ion L-Type
Colour Temperature 3000-5600
CRI (Colour Rendition Index) >93
Dimmable 0-100% without flickering
Mounting Method Ball-head