Nanguang CN-A25 2.4 GHz Remote Control

Nanguang CN-A25 2.4 GHz Remote Control
Product Code: NGCNA25
Barcode/EAN: 6949987440499

FULL CONTROL FROM A DISTANCE - The four different modes allow you to adjust single colour, full spectrum and bi-colour lights in a variety of ways, giving you full control over brightness and colour from a distance.

ESSENTIAL FOR PHOTO OR VIDEO - A perfect accessory for complex lighting set ups, studios with ceiling-mounted lights, or shoots over multiple days, this remote is ideal for shooting product photography over multiple sessions, where consistent lighting is needed, or for film shoots where multiple scenes are being shot in one day, or pick ups are needed.

SAVE SCENES - The CN-A25 allows you to save the settings of all connected lights into one scene, meaning that you can replicate that scene again at any time with minimal time and effort. Each scene can control up to 200 LED light heads, and the remote can store up to 10 scenes at any one time.

CONTROL LIGHTS INDIVIDUALLY OR AS A GROUP - This 2.4 GHz radio remote has more than 500 channels to select from - you can choose to set multiple LED light heads to the same channel if you want to control them as a group, or give each one an individual address to be able to adjust each light individually.

BACKLIT DISPLAY - Featuring an LED backlit display for use even in low light conditions.