Nanguang CN-R 480C (V-48C) 19" Ring light LED

Nanguang CN-R 480C (V-48C) 19" Ring light LED
Product Code: NGCNR480C
Barcode/EAN: 6949987440864
Nanguang CN-R 480C 19" Ring light LED + Clip-Lock Floor Stand (88-235cm)
Product Code: EL30101
Nanguang Z Shaped Bracket For CN-R 480C
Product Code: NGZB1
NanGuang H Shape stand for V48C/29C
Product Code: NGVHST
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Remember To Add A Support Stand! See Kit Options.

The Nanguang CNR480C LED Ring Light produces soft, diffused, well-balanced lighting which is ideal for portraits and fine product photography. It also provides a flattering set up for social media live streams such as Facebook Live, and taking selfies with a smartphone. Its soft light is ideal for one-to-one video interviews, for makeup artist tutorials, or any other video where it is necessary to focus on a person’s face.


The CNR480C is perfect for macro and product photography. The softness of the ring light removes harsh shadows and facilitates close up shots using just one light.  It has a full set of colour temperature and brightness controls, and is supplied with an additional diffuser for extra soft lighting. The light comes complete with a smartphone clamp, so that selfie videos or live streaming can be done with proper lighting. It also comes with a mirror for mounting in the centre of the ring light, making it perfect for make-up, face painting, etc.

Included in the box

  • CNR480C head
  • mains cable
  • smart phone cradle
  • make up mirror.