• LED Head
• Camera shoe adaptor
• Sony Type NP-550 Battery
• Charger

Nanguang LED LuxPad 22 Kit

Nanguang LED LuxPad 22 Kit
Product Code: NGLUXPAD22
Barcode/EAN: 6949987440635

The Luxpad 22 LED Photo / Video Lighting Head utilises high efficiency LED's and emits a soft, gentle, diffused light ideal for portrait, general photography and video with adjustable colour temperature control 3200 - 5600K. The head has a Pad style profile 32mm thick and fits a camera hotshoe. Powered using either 6 AA batteries in a battery magazine (NGBM1), Sony NP-FM, NP-F or Panasonic CGR-D batteries (not included)

Number of LEDs:  112
Average LED Life:  50,000 hours
Power source:  Sony NP-FM/ NP-F battery series/ Panasonic CGR-D series (Batteries not included)
Power:  11 watts stepless dimmer adjustment
Illumination:  619.36 LM