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NANUK Protective Case 918 Series

NANUK Protective Case 918 Series


NANUK Protective Case 918 Series
Product Code: 918 Series
Barcode/EAN: 666365016591
NANUK Protective Case 918 Series (With Foam)
Product Code: 918/Foam)
Barcode/EAN: 666365016843
NANUK Protective Case 918 Series (With Padded Dividers)
Product Code: 918/Dividers
Barcode/EAN: 666365016935

About the NANUK 918

Great for medium size gear, the NANUK 918 waterproof hard case is impenetrable and indestructible with a lightweight, tough NK-7 resin shell and its PowerClaw superior latching system. 

With NANUK’s exclusive locking and latching system, your case stays shut and secured until you are ready to open it. The NANUK 918 organizes, protects, carries and survives in any condition, especially tough ones.

A compact case with a deep base

The NANUK 918 has become the go-to protective model for photographers, videographers, drone operators/pilots, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, law enforcement officers, first responders, military, hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, medical professionals, and many more to protect their most valuable gear.

The generous capacity of the NANUK 918 case makes it perfect for protecting cameras, electronics, boating gear, handguns, small drones, sample kits, first aid supplies, medical equipment, compact tools, and equipment of all sorts. Lightweight, rugged and compact, the NANUK 918 hard case 

Exterior (L x W x H): 429 mm x 328 mm x 236 mm
Interior (L x W x H): 378 mm x 249 mm x 218 mm
Airline check-in: Yes
Airline cabin carry-on: Yes
Waterproof (IPX7), dustproof (IP6X) & MIL-SPEC certified
Lifetime warranty & 30-day satisfaction warranty