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Nikon WR-1 Wireless Remote


Nikon WR-1 Wireless Remote

Nikon WR-1 Wireless Remote

Nikon is also announcing WR-1, a new wireless remote transceiver that further expands the recently updated range of Nikon’s wireless control accessories. WR-1 features dot matrix display and a score of advanced features that enable the user to take control of most of the shooting operations – from simple remote shutter release to complex, multi-camera set-ups as well as possibility to check and change camera settings when mounted on the Nikon D7100. Various shooting scenarios can be pre-programmed, including simultaneous shooting, interval timer photography as well as customised shutter release delay. Operating on radio frequencies for unobstructed communication, a pair of WR-1 transceivers have a range of operation of up to 120 meters, which can be further expanded with a combination of multiple WR-1’s and/or WR-R10’s.

Wireless Remote Control
Works as Transmitter and Receiver
Communication Range of 394' (120 m)
2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
15 Available Channels
Group Camera Control
Pairs with Up to 20 WR-1 Transceivers
Synchronized Release; Interval Shooting
Controls and Verifies Cameras Settings
Compatible with Nikon WR-R10 and WR-T10