Olympus FL-20 Flash


Olympus FL-20 Flash

Olympus FL-20 Flash
Olympus FL-20 Flash + 4Pack Lithum AA batteries Bundle Kit
Olympus FL-20 Flash + 4Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries Bundle Kit

Exclusively designed for use with the Olympus digital cameras that are equipped with a hot shoe or flash-sync connection, this external flash unit combines power and versatile performance in a very compact, stylish form. With a high max. guide number of 20, the FL-20 ensures effective illumination while the manual, normal auto and auto TTL control modes allow the user the choice between full creativity or worry-free automatic operation.

The FL-20 flash is a small and light-weight external flash that can be placed directly on the hot shoe of your camera, or used via cable with the FL-BK01 bracket. When used with the FL-BK01, the TTL-TTL Cable (FL-CB01) is required for cameras with a TTL connector. Cameras with a hotshoe will require the Hot Shoe Cable (FL-CB02).

TTL Auto Operation
In the TTL AUTO mode, the flash adjusts the light intensity automatically according to changes in the camera's aperture with olympus cameras that are equipped with a TTL Hot shoe or TTL Flash terminal (additional cables or bracket may be required)
Full Manual Operation
The flash is capable of full manual control allowing for greater creativity

Guide number
(ISO 100·m) GN Approx. 20
When wide panel used: GN approx. 14
Illumination angle Covers 35 mm lens coverage
When wide panel used: covers 24 mm lens coverage
Number of flashes
(at full flash) Approx. 250 times (AA alkaline battery)
Bounce angle -
Power supply 1.5 V AA alkaline, lithium, Ni-Mn, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries (2 batteries)
(excluding protrusions) 56 mm (W) x 96 mm (H) X 28 mm (D)
(excluding batteries) 74g