Olympus FL-36R Wireless Flash


Olympus FL-36R Wireless Flash

Olympus FL-36R Wireless Flash
Olympus FL-36R + 4Pack Lithum AA batteries Bundle Kit
Olympus FL-36R + 4Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries Bundle Kit

Made possible by the implementation of compatibility with the "Olympus Wireless RC Flash System" based on the Olympus-original "RC data transfer" wireless communication format, this function is available when these flashes are used with the new E-3 D-SLR camera.* Exclusively designed for digital, the light emitting and brightness control circuitry achieve uniform irradiation in the picture area and high brightness control accuracy. The FL-36R has a rotary head that can be rotated in four directions.
he irradiation angle is set either by automatic zooming according to the interchangeable lens or by manual setting, while the built-in wide panel makes it possible to effectively cover the wide irradiation angle required with a focal distance of 8 mm (equivalent to 16 mm with 35 mm cameras).
Powered by two "AA-size" batteries, the FL-36R exemplifies the compatibility of high performance and compact size. 

Guide number

(ISO 100·m) Automatic switching
20: When in 12mm (35mm equivalent focal length 24mm)
36: When in 42mm (35mm equivalent focal length 85mm)
*12/14 switching (when the built-in wide panel is used.)
Firing angle At 12mm(35mm equivalent focal length 24mm): Up/Down 62 degree,
Left/Right 78 degree
At 42mm(35mm equivalent focal length 85mm): Up/Down 21 degree,
Left/Right 28 degree
* At 8mm(35mm equivalent focal length 16mm): using the built-in wide panel
Wireless(RC) function Available when used together with cameras compatible with the Olympus wireless RC flash system
Channel:4 channel setup
Group:3 groups control
Slave function AUTO, MANUAL
Bounce angles Up: 0 to 90 degree, Down: 7 degree, Right: 0 to 90 degree, Left: 0 to 180 degree
Custom setup AF illuminator : on/off
Flash cable : on/off
Firing angle display : FourThirds/35mm equivalent
Distance display : m/ft
Flash intensity control : on/off
Wide panel switch disabling : on/off
ISO, F communication in Auto mode : on/off
ISO setting in Auto mode
Power supply AA(R6) 2 alkaline batteries
AA(R6) 2 NiMH batteries
AA(R6) 2 lithium batteries
AA(R6) 2 oxyride batteries
CR-V3 lithium battery pack (LB-01)
Size(W/D/H) 67x95x108mm (excluding protrusions)
2.6x3.7x4.3in. (excluding protrusions)
Weight 260g(9.2oz) (only body)
Box contents Flash Stand FLST-1
Soft Case