Olympus HLD-4 Battery Grip (Olympus E3/E30)


• We Recommend every DSLR should have a battery grip as this will give you more power and better handling

Olympus HLD-4 Battery Grip (Olympus E3/E30)

Olympus HLD-4 Battery Grip (Olympus E3/E30)

The HLD-4 is an optional power battery holder created especially for the E-3, E-5 or E-30. It is equipped with a shutter release button and other essential dials for easy operation during vertical-format shooting. The body of the unit is sealed to provide the same high resistance to dust and moisture offered by the E-3. Comes with Battery Holder AABH1 to use 6-AA batteries. Also can use the optional BLM-01 or BLM-5 Lithium Batteries. Holds two BLM-01 or BLM-5 batteries at once.

Compatible with Olympus E-3
Gives More Power for Extended Use
Dust and Splash Proof
Holds 2x BLM-1 Batteries