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Panasonic Lithim AA 4Pack Batteries


Panasonic Lithim AA 4Pack Batteries

Panasonic Lithim AA 4Pack Batteries

Photo Lithium
Panasonic’s Lithium Power batteries combine very light weight material with lithium technology, to create a power source suitable for analogue cameras as well as various new appliances using lithium batteries.

They have the following characteristics:

Low internal resistance to provide rapid flash recovery time and quick shooting.
High energy density: light weight battery supplying exceptional energy.
Reliable even in a wide range of operating temperatures (-30°C to +70°C)
A 10 year shelflife: if not in use, the battery can keep its capacity for 10 years.
Extensive cross reference table on the blister.
- Suitable for many AA compatible Digital still cameras1.
- Double capacity: offering longer lifetime2.
(1) Please check your instruction manual
(2) Due to parallel use of 2 x AA size lithium battery (with 3V)