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Polar Pro Zenmuse X3 ND32 Filter


• Reduces Light by Five Stops
• Shoot with Lower Shutter Speed
• Polarizer Reduces Glare
• Helps Enhance Saturation / Sky Contrast
• Ideal for Bright Daylight Scenes
• Aluminum Threaded Attachment
• Lightweight at Just 0.2 Ounces
• For Inspire 1 / Osmo Zenmuse X3 Camera

Polar Pro Zenmuse X3 ND32 Filter

Polar Pro Zenmuse X3 ND32 Filter

The ND32/PL filter for Zenmuse X3 Gimbal Camera from Polar Pro makes it possible to shoot with a 1/60 second speed on extremely bright days by reducing light by five stops. By shooting at a nominal shutter speed, the video will retain a more natural motion blur, which is often considered more cinematic. This combination filter is also a polarizer that reduces glare and helps increase color saturation. The polarizer can make clouds stand about better against the blue the sky. It works with the Inspire 1 and Osmo versions of the Zenmuse X3 gimbal camera. Other Zenmuse cameras are not compatible.

Note: For faster frame rates, a higher shutter speed is recommended. As a rule of thumb, the shutter speed denominator should be approximately double the frame rate. For example, 1/240 second is ideal for a 120 fps frame rate, just as 1/60 second is ideal for a 30 fps frame rate.