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Polaroid BrightSaber Pro


• Includes Infrared Lamp & Camera Shutter Remote; Rechargeable Battery Pack, The remote is located in a very small pocket on the carrying case.
• Professional-Grade LED Lamp Driver Chip Enhances Consistency & Lighting Stability also Provides up to 93% Better Efficiency
• Ergonomically Designed, 1.7" Diameter Multi-Purpose Grip Provides Maximum Comfort During Handheld Use & Has Built-In Threaded Tripod Mount for Studio Setups
• Intelligently Integrated , Freely Rotating, Tubular Tungsten Filter in Wraparound Design Which Ensures Perfect Lighting Balance
• Array of 298 Powerful, Efficient, Low-Heat, 5600k LED Bulbs Rated at >50,000 Hours

Polaroid BrightSaber Pro

Polaroid BrightSaber Pro

Video or Still, Pro or Prosumer, It’s All the Lighting You Need
Forget lighting umbrellas, stands, mounts and sweat-inducing spotlights getting a well-lit shot is now as easy as getting your hands on the BrightSaber. Despite the fact it's highly portable, lightweight and refreshingly manageable this provides a full complement of sophisticated "studio-level” features that you'll appreciate in the studio AND on location. And for all those of you who think "you can't take it with you", you’ll be happy to know the this packs all its formidable power and flexibility into a truly remarkable, amazingly light (just 22-ounces!), plug-or battery-powered package. Get ready for it to change the way you shoot 

See Your Work In A Different Light...Lots of Them!
The 298-piece LED bulb array is engineered to be in optimal proximity to the gently frosted light diffuser. This results in a soft yet powerfully projected and evenly dispersed shine. With the press of a button, you can even set it to a rapid or slow flash, or even an SOS distress strobe. While the LEDS are precision tuned to deliver true daylight color 5800K, the BrightSaber also features an innovative tungsten color temperature filter in the form of a 3200k sleeve. This allows you to add dramatic lighting effects without adding additional devices. It comes preinstalled around the light diffuser and is engaged with a simple twist if the wrist

Infrared Remote
To help you stay focused on the shot--not the equipment, the BrightSaber includes an innovative multi-function IR remote. This handy device gives you full control of the lighting — as well as doubling as a remote shutter release for virtually any Canon, Nikon, Pentax camera. 

1 x BrightSaber Lamp
1 x Filter 
1 x Remote 
1 x Battery
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x Case
1 x Manual