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Ricoh THETA Stand TD-1


• RICOH THETA Stand TD-1. A design to reduce the portion of the camera platform and leg appearing in images. Quick release system A highly-stable tripod design that is safe for use even with the heavier THETA Z1. Stowed length of 56 cm. Extendable up to 152 cm with a single touch of a button. Weight 765g. Soft case included. Made of aluminium.

Ricoh THETA Stand TD-1

Ricoh THETA Stand TD-1
Product Code: 910821
Barcode/EAN: 26649564512

A monopod stand specially designed for the RICOH THETA series. The camera platform and leg are reduced in size to prevent them from appearing in a RICOH THETA’s image, and a quick-release system is adopted for the camera platform. The length when stowed is about 56 cm, and it can be extended up to 152 cm with a single touch of a button.
Compatible models: All RICOH THETA series models