Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster Light Meter


Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster Light Meter

Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster Light Meter

L-358 FlashMaster

The Sekonic L-358 displays an f-stop range of f/1.0 to f/90.9, and a shutter speed range of 30-minutes to 1/8000th-of-a-second (1/1000th in Flash mode), both of which can be displayed in full-, half-, and third-stop intervals to mirror your camera's exposure display. When set to "full," the exposure is displayed in tenth-of-a-stop increments with repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 EV.

For motion picture applications, the L-358 calculates cine readings from 2 to 360 frames-per-second. As with all Sekonic meters, the Sekonic L-358 Flash Master includes a 3-year warranty and the best customer support you're ever likely to find.

Measuring System Incident: Dual retractable lumisphere, Reflected: with included reflected light attachment; Silicon photo diodes
Measuring Modes Ambient and flash (cord, cordless, multi flash) - incident and reflected (54 degrees)
Receptor Head Rotating 270 degree with built-in retractable lumisphere
Aperture/Shutter Priority Aperture and shutter priority
Display Readout Digital LCD plus LCD analog, (auto-backlit LCD at EV 3 and under for 20 sec.)
ISO Range Dual ISO settings: 3 to 8000 (1/3rd steps)
f/Stop Display Range Incident/Reflected: f/1.0 to 90 9/10 (full, 1/2 or 1/3rd steps)
Shutter Speed - Ambient 1/8000 sec. to 30 minutes
Shutter Speed - Flash 1/1000 sec to 30 minutes
EV Range (ISO-100) Flash: EV -2 to 22.9 (Incident/Reflected)
Cine Speeds 2 - 360fps
Exposure Memory Capable of nine exposure measurement readings
Shadow/Highlight Calculation Yes
Brightness Difference Displays the difference in 1/10 stop increments
Flash to Ambient Ratio Yes
Multiple Flash Yes, unlimited
Exposure Calibration +/- 1.0 EV
Power Source 1 CR123A lithium battery
Dimensions 2.4 x 6.1 x 1.46" (60 x 155 x 37mm) WHD
Weight 5.4 oz (154g)
Specialties All weather design; Radio triggering with optional RT-32 Radio Transmitter Module (max. distance is 100ft); Compatible with PocketWizard Digital Radio Receivers; 16 standard PocketWizard Channels (#1-16) and 16 "Selective Quad Triggering" multi-zone channels (#17-32) are accessed through the meter's integral software and displayed on its LCS panel. In Selective Quad, up to 4 zones of lighting can be individually triggered and measured wirelessly by the meter