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Sigma WR CPL Filter 95mm


Sigma WR CPL Filter 95mm

Highlights: • Circular Polarizer (CPL) filter removes glare from reflective surfaces like water and glass; also increases the contrast in landscape photography
• Water & Oil repellent- repels water drops and is fingerprint resistant
• Antistatic- filter prevents microscopic dust clinging to the surface
Sigma WR CPL Filter 95mm
Product Code: WR CPL Filter 95mm
Barcode/EAN: 0085126930851

Professional Filters

The Sigma Professional Series represents the finest quality of filters available for your photographic lens, enhancing your overall experience with your camera and photography.

The Sigma WR (water repellant) Filters feature new anti-reflective coatings and a glass-mounting system that contribute to exceptionally high-quality imaging designed for digital SLR photography.

WR Circular Polarizers

With the Sigma WR Circular Polarizer, light transmission is increased by 30%, as compared to a conventional polarizer, allowing easier viewing from the viewfinder. Additionally, colors, tone, and saturation are intensified, while shadows appear darker with better gradation and contrast. The WR Circular Polarizer also obliterates unwanted reflections from windows and water, increases contrast in landscape photography, and darkens blue skies. Sigma’s WR coating offers excellent water and oil-repellency performance, and fingerprints are easily removed with a quick wipe.

Multi-Coated Filters

When pitted against the standard coating offered by other brands, the benefits of Sigma’s ultra-low reflection multicoated optics are crystal clear.

Digital camera CCD or CMOS sensors are highly reflective objects and therefore susceptible to reflections. These reflections could spoil your photographs. Sigma Professional Filters have an ultra-low reflection multi-coating that dramatically reduces potential of sensor reflections and flare.

Key Optimizing Features

Black-Rimmed Glass Reduces light reflection off filter edge.

Premium Hard Anodized Black Frame Finish Aesthetically functional design that blends well with the fit and finish of professional lenses.

Low Profile Filter Rim Prevents vignetting with wide-angle focal length lenses. Designed to accept lens caps.

Easy-Grip Filter Edge Non-slip mounting and removal of filter.

Anti-Static Coating

Applicable to all but the Standard Protector Filter, the anti-static coating helps prevent static electricity from attracting dust and other particles, which can easily be blown off the filter if they do adhere.

Water & Oil Repellent Coating

WR Coating

Conventional Protective Filter

Applicable to all but the Standard Protector Filter, the surface of the filter is specially coated to offer excellent water and oil-repellent performance. Watch water and oil ricochet while dust that does adhere blows away and fingerprints removes with one wipe.

Wide Angle Capability

Low-profile filter rim prevents vignetting with wide-angle focal length lenses.

Portable Storage Case

Made of a special acrylic that is both stronger and more flexible, this storage case is designed to outlast others of its kind. The outer acrylic case is molded for optimal integration with the inner elastomer holder, creating a filter holder designed to last many years with minimal deterioration. It comes equipped with a closure system designed to prevent accidental open or closure during normal use.

Made In Japan

SIGMA’s lens filters are made completely in Japan, including all individual processes used in its manufacture.