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Sony 240GB XQD Flash Memory Card - G Series (Read 440MB/s and Write 400MB/s)


Sony 240GB XQD Flash Memory Card - G Series (Read 440MB/s and Write 400MB/s)

Sony 240GB XQD Flash Memory Card - G Series (Read 440MB/s and Write 400MB/s)

Sony XQD 240GB Memory Card G Series

The Sony XQD 240GB Memory Card G-Series has extremely high write speeds and is therefore ideal for continuous RAW burst shooting with high-quality digital SLRs. Capture up to 200RAW burst photos; 1.5 times more than with the fastest Compact Flash cards. With transfers that are twice as fast as the fastest Compact Flash cards, your data backups and workflow are much more efficient. Sony's XQD memory cards are shock-resistant, magnet-resistant, antistatic and break-proof and offer optimum performance even in extreme temperatures and exposure to intense UV light and air-operated machines at airports. Designed for long-term professional use, Sony XQD cards have been tested for reliable storage wherever you want to shoot.

Sony XQD G memory cards are designed to keep pace with the recording speed of your camera to quickly erase the memory buffer. You can capture more decisive moments and continuous shots, even with high-quality digital SLRs. The unique technology of Sony increases the scale strength to improve durability. Countersunk contact pins are protected against damage, dust and electrostatic shocks and provide reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

The Sony XQD 240GB memory card is designed for professional use and offers superior strength, up to 2.5x more than standard XQD. The QD-G240F is up to 5x more durable compared to standard XQD. The latest G-series maps have been tested to withstand a fall of 5 meters, to give you confidence when handling or changing cards, even under busy, hasty or dark conditions.

Sometimes, things go wrong and data such as photos and files are damaged or lost. Sony's File Rescue is a powerful tool for recovering damaged or lost data that is simple enough for everyone to use. With an advanced algorithm, File Rescue from Sony achieves a higher level of recovery for RAW image, MOV files and 4K XAVC-S video files recorded on both Sony and Nikon devices. Available as a free download.

Features of the Sony XQD 240GB Memory card G-Series

  • Ultra fast writing and reading speed
  • Perfect partner for high-speed photos and 4K video recording
  • Ideal for continuous RAW burst shooting
  • Fast data transfer to PC
  • Maximum read speed: 440MB/s
  • Maximum write speed: 400MB/s
  • Designed for professionals
  • Extremely robust scale structure
  • Exceptional durability, even during intensive use
  • Downloadable File Rescue Software

Included as standard with the Sony XQD 240GB Memory Card G-Series

  • Sony XQD 240GB Memory Card G-Series