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Sony ECMH-GZ1 Zoom Microphone


Sony ECMH-GZ1 Zoom Microphone

Sony ECMH-GZ1 Zoom Microphone

The Sony ECMHGZ1 Gun Zoom Microphone is powered directly from and controlled through the new Active Interface Shoe, this microphone picks up sound in whichever direction you point it.

The ECMHGZ1 is equipped with two recording modes ZOOM MIC mode and GUN MIC mode:
Filming in ZOOM MIC Mode: As the camera zooms in, sound from the Handycam built-in microphone and the gun-zoom microphone are mixed together. When taking a wide-angle shot in ZOOM MIC mode, this produces a uniform sound recording. When you zoom-in with the camera, the sound also focuses on your target for a clear recording.
Filming in GUN MIC Mode: Using this mode the Handycam built-in microphone is turned off, so only the gun-zoom microphone records sound. Aiming at distant subjects and recording their sound is possible in this mode. 

Dimension Approx.: W 28.8 x H 56.8 x D 115mm
Weight Approx.: 50 g
Materials: ABS Plastic
Colour: Graphite Silver
Operating Temperature: +0 to +40°C
Connection Type: Active Interface Shoe (16 pin)
Power Supply: From Main Unit via Accessory Shoe
Directivity: Gun / Zoom
Microphone Type: Electret Condenser
Pickup Patterns: Cardioid, Super Cardioid
Included Accessories: Storage Pouch

Compatible with the following Sony digital video cameras:
DCR- DVD 602 / DCR- DVD 608 / DCR- DVD 708 / DCR- DVD 755 / DCR- DVD 805 / DCR- DVD 808 / DCR- DVD 810 / DCR- DVD 905 / DCR- DVD 908 / DCR-HC96 / DCR-SR60 / DCR-SR62 / DCR-SR65 / DCR-SR80 / DCR-SR82 / DCR-SR85 / DCR-SR100 / DCR-SR200 / DCR-SR220 / DCR-SR300 / HDR -CX7K / HDR -CX12MS / HDR-CX500V / HDR-CX520V / HDR-CX550V / HDR -HC1 / HDR -HC3 / HDR -HC5 / HDR -HC7 / HDR -HC9 / HDR -SR1 / HDR -SR5 / HDR -SR7 / HDR -SR8 / HDR -SR10 / HDR -SR11 / HSR -SR12 / HDR -UX5 / HDR -UX7 / HDR -UX20 / HDR -XR500V / HDR -XR520V / HDR-XR550V / HVR-A1P