• Super neat!A foldable clamping stand gives you more discretion to pack your travel stuff.
• Super lightweight!It is made of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications and weighs only 207 g.
• Super compact!It is only half the size of an A4 sheet and can be easily packed in the handbag.
• Super easy!It can be clamped onto any objects or stand on a flat surface.
• Super powerful!It is applicable for smartphones, tablets, and even DSLRs!

Takeway T2 Clampod (TYT2)

Takeway T2 Clampod (TYT2)
Product Code: TYT2
Barcode/EAN: 4715409206842

T Series Takeway® T series clampods are the best solution to the issues of stability and strength that most mini tripods encounter. Takeway® T series is light, easy to carry, robust and versatile. The clamping and standing functions provided by Takeway® T series can easily support most handheld and portable consumer electronic products, such as DSLRs, cameras and tablets. With the addition of a relevant accessory or accessories, it can also be used for holding a smartphone, or readily transformed into a stable tripod. Takeway® T series only weighs 200g and the load capacity of the ball head is 3kg. Portable and compact, it is an ideal travel tripod or a camera mount & clamp, which you can easily pack in your handbag.

Optimal for traveling light

Lighten up your luggage!
T2 helps ease your travel load,
so you can be free from trammels and 100% enjoy your trip!

Keep moments of laughter!

T2 keeps your action cam stable,
so you can save vivid records of your joyful moments at any time,
even during a roller coaster ride!

Best shoot assistant for the pro

T2 lightens your travel load and workload!
Tiny but mighty, it helps you catch the perfect shot,
even in a tough working environment.

Eye-popping brilliance

Not just a mini tripod, T2 can do more for you!
When combined with relevant accessories,
T2 can be transformed into a tablet holder.
So you can make video calls or watch your favorite streaming TV shows anywhere and at any time.

No compromise on taking a shot of your favorite view

No matter whether it is sunrise or sunset, you nail it!
T2 can be clamped onto any objects and transformed into a mini tripod for professional photo shoots.
No worry about where the tripod should stand anymore!

Share your fun time any time!

No professional cameras? Easy!
Simply mount your smartphone on T2 and you can record and share every minute of your merry moments real-time.
Fun time any time – you deserve it!

Clamp body x 1, Ball head x 1, Smartphone holder(Basic) x 1, Inner jaw x 1, Pouch x 1, Stand x 1 Model Number:
Extended: 15 x 14 x 3.1 cm
Folded: 15 x 7.6 x 3.1 cm Weight:
207 g (Including ball head)
Aluminum Alloys for aerospace applications, Glass-fiber reinforced nylon Clamping range:
Ø4 - Ø50 mm,
Flat surface:1 - 50 mm
Quick release screw:
1/4” Clamp body load capacity:
40 kg
Ball head load capacity:
3 kg Base Load:
3 kg