Utopia VR Head Set (Goggles)


• Universal compatibility
• Fits virtually all phones.
• Portable design
• Lightweight construction and memory foam provide comfortable on-the-go use.
• Dual Adjustable Focus
• Control focal length and inter-pupillary distance. Focal length can be adjusted for both eyes independently.
• Lucidview Lens System
• Anti-reflection lens reduces eye strain.
• Included Bluetooth controller
• 6-button remote with joystick provide outstanding mobile game experience.

Utopia VR Head Set (Goggles)

Utopia VR Head Set (Goggles)
Price: €29.99

Experience a 360-degree world with this ReTrak Utopia 360 virtual reality headset. Stay entertained for hours thanks to hundreds of free apps, and feel comfortable the entire time with the memory foam head strap. Bluetooth technology lets you use this ReTrak Utopia 360 virtual reality headset to play your favorite simulation game.