• Includes external rod-mount focus motor for mechanical follow focus/zoom control
• 360° pan, 320° tilt, and 360° roll adjustment
• 7 lb payload
• 18-hour runtime using the included batteries
• Digital follow focus control for select Canon cameras and the Nikon D850 with compatible autofocus lenses
• Manfrotto-standard quick release plate
• "Slow-fall" feature protects your camera from a sudden drop when the Crane-2 is powered down

Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal

Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal
Product Code: 1600 060.0
Barcode/EAN: 6970194084589

3.2KG Max. Payload

Instune Algorithm System which realizes 50% increase in motor torque and 20% improvement in noise reduction, the Crane 2 sets up a new benchmark for the industry supporting a max. payload of 3.2kg, mountable by all models of DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market.

Full-range POV

Now with the newest firmware, Crane 2 brings a whole new perspective to POV mode. The full-range 360°synchronous movement on all three axes gives you an immersive experience like using an “intelligent” Steadicam.

Vortex Mode

Vortex Mode is now available on Crane 2 and evolves even further. You can add various dynamic movement to your barrel shot and open limitless possibilities to your creation.

Instant Precise Attitude Compensation

Integrated with the pioneering 32-bit x 3 high-speed MCU parallel control technology which realizes 100% improvement in respond speed, Crane 2 gets high above the industry standard with its cutting-edge attitude compensation system and unparalleled anti-shaking stabilizing performance.

Intuitive OLED Display

The intuitive interface design help you easily identify the connection status, battery level, control mode and multiple camera params, giving you full control over every detail.

18 Hour Ultra Long Battery Life

for High-intensity shootings and Phone-charging under emergency, helping you to capture every precious moment.

Innovative Quick Control Dial Design

The quick control dial on the control panel is like an integrated extension of your camera. You can either press or rotate the dial to make various camera parameter settings such as TV, AV, ISO and EV, giving you seamless camera control independently from any software applications.

Complete Kits with Elaborate Details

Crane 2 comes standard with a comprehensive accessories kit, including camera control cables to connect with various brand cameras, an Aluminum alloy tripod, an EVA carrying bag, as well as a MANFROTTO standard quick release plate that allows quick camera installation to the stabilizer or tripod within seconds, ideal for videographers stepping up their game.

Compatibility Upgrade

With the newest firmware, Crane 2 is now compatible to Nikon Z6 & Z7. You can control various camera parameters and take photo & video right through the control panel.


Operation Voltage
Max: 12.6 v
Standard: 11.1 v
Min: 9.8 v
Output Voltage
Operation Temperature
Max: 45 °C
Standard: 25 °C
Min: -10 °C
Battery Runtime
Max: 18 h
Min: 12 h
Gravity balance
Charging Time
Standard: 2.5 h
2400 mA
Following Deviation in Motion State:
Max: ± 0.1 °
Min: ± 0.05 °
Following Deviation in Static State:
Max: ± 0.03 °
Min: ± 0.01 °
Tilt Mechanical Range:
Max: + 185 °
Min: -135 °
Roll Mechanical Range:
Standard: 360 °
Unlimited rotation
Pan axis movement angle range:
Standard: 360 °
Unlimited rotation
Valid Payload:
Max: 3200 g
Min: 500 g