• High Power with Two-Way Cooling √
• CCT Mode; For Cinematic Coloring √
• Dual Charging Solution: Fast & Reliable Power Support √
• Supports 25W PD Fast Charge via a Type-C port √
• Versatile for Different Settings √

Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C LED Light Stick Wand (Combo)

Zhiyun FiveRay FR100C LED Light Stick Wand (Combo)
Product Code: 633087030
Barcode/EAN: 6970194087030
Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C LED Light Stick Standard
Product Code: 633087016
Barcode/EAN: 6970194087016

For a perfect illuminated art creation, here comes ZHIYUN FIVERAY FR100C, a {100W} light stick that combines great technique and outstanding accessibility. Shine bright, shine brilliantly for your creation with FIVERAY.

The frosted shade in FR100C creates a soft light effect while the inventive structure and round edges provide a better user experience. Weighs only 920g, the light stick fits perfectly in your backpack and can be held or controlled with just one hand, offering lighting solutions without complicated settings and setups.

High Power with Two-Way Cooling

Integrating an advanced radiator and 6 fans inside, FR100C can reach up to 20708 lux at its 100W max power with intelligent temperature control and overheat protection, satisfying various professional shooting scenarios. The sophisicated power distribution technology prevents the light stick from generating too much heat while in high power.
*The above data is gathered when the brightness value is set at 100% and the test distance is 0.3m. The fans are enabled automatically when the power exceeds a certain level. The MAX mode is the full power mode. The peak power output in 4000K is 100W. Under MAX mode, when the brightness value is 100%, the power output reaches its peak.

CCT Mode; For Cinematic Coloring

Under CCT Mode, color temperature is adjustable from 2700K to 6200K

RGB Supported

Just one press to enter HSI mode. Use the control dial to adjust the H-Hue (0-360°), S-saturation (0-100%) and I-Illuminance (0-100%). Create any atmosphere as you may want.

High CRI

Offers professional color rendition even in RGB mode and high brightness with CRI≧96 & TLCI≧97. Creating a natural and authentic lighting environment.

Versatile for Different Settings

With a 1/4" screw hole on the bottom, FR100C can be mounted on the holder, H stand, tripod and light stand, fitting in various filming settings for lighting solutions.

Artistic Lighting on the Go

Combined with ZHIYUN handheld gimbals, you could not only get buttery-smooth footage but also stable and soft lighting, even in the dark outdoor environment like commercial production, Vlogging, etc.

1. For backlighting/ambient lighting, creating different atmosphere with different RGB backlights

2. Using with array fill light for interview lighting
3. For people & environment lighting in an indoor livestreaming setting
4. For closeup lighting of environment and models when filming in open areas like seaside
5. For still photography and commercial filming using HSI mode and light sweep.
6. For creative light painting with the long exposure shooting using the camera.

Dual Charging Solution: Fast & Reliable Power Support

1. Supports 25W PD Fast Charge via a Type-C port.

2. With the 120W switching adapter, you can continuously use FIVERAY FR100C while charging it. The power supply technology in the light stick ensures a 100W output while charging and using safely.

Optimized Battery Life

6 built-in 2600mAh batteries ensure 1h4min runtime at 50W working power.

*The product can run 5h40min at 10W, 2h10min at 25W, and 31 min at 100W.
The above data is gathered from internal experiments of ZHIYUN laboratories. Under different scenarios, data is different to some extent. Please refer to the actual use.

Colour Temperature: 2800 - 6200K
CRI: 96
TLCI: 97
Battery: Built-in 6S battery (2600 mAh)
Full Power Run Time: 21min
Operating Time at 100% Brightness: 1 hour and 4 min
Operating Time at 50% brightness: 2 hours and 16 min