Repair Centre & Sensor Cleaning

Repair Centre

Camera Centre offers a repair service catering to both professional & consumer users. We accept all major brands including – Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, GoPro, DJI, Sony, Olympus. All repairs are carried out by full trained, authorised technicians in the manufactures official repair workshops.

Please bring your item to any of our four stores across Dublin. Our trained staff will carry out a quick initial inspection and advise on the best action.

Sensor Cleaning Service

If you own an interchangeable lens camera it is inevitable that over time you will get a build-up of dust gathering within the chamber of your camera body.

Through use of your camera and due to the static build up this dust then makes its way onto the camera sensor.

This dust becomes apparent when photographing against a plain light coloured background or even a blue sky. You’ll notice these dark spots will appear in the same place in all of your photographs.

Camera Centre’s sensor cleaning service (in our Grafton Street Branch) will ensure that your camera’s sensor and inner chamber cleaned professionally so that your camera is back to being capable of achieving its full potential.

If you are looking for sensor cleaning in Dublin, please call us on 01-6775594.
Pricing on our sensor cleaning service ranges from only €30 - €90.


  • We perform a service of dry and wet sensor cleaning of interchangeable lens cameras.
  • We provide one dry-dust clean as a free service to customers who have bought their camera from us (This cleaning is carried out within 12 months of purchase).
  • Even with the best equipment, dry-dust sensor cleaning will not guarantee to remove 100% of dust from your camera’s sensor.
  • Prior to cleaning we will conduct an initial check on the camera sensor. If we feel it is unsafe to clean the sensor - due to existing scratches or stubborn marks that could cause further damage the cleaning service will not be carried out. You will be provided with a report of the checks/cleans with the return of your camera or the option for us to proceed at your own risk.
  • Please note that this service is carried out within our Grafton Street branch. Although your camera may be left into any of our stores, for a faster service you should drop your camera directly to our Grafton Street store.
  • We ask that all cameras are brought in with a fully charged battery as most cameras require an 80% charge or more to perform the cleaning.

For more information on Repairs or Sensor Cleaning please call your local Camera Centre:

  • Grafton Street — (01) 6775594
  • Blanchardstown — (01) 8221989