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Cokin P-Series Black & White Kit

Cokin P-Series Black & White Kit

Includes 3 x B & W Filters
Cokin P-Series Black & White Kit
Product Code: H400-03
Barcode/EAN: 3611531500371

Black & White

Digital black and white filters are just simulations based on algorithms. With physical black and white filters, the light is effectively filtered before reaching the camera sensor, giving more accurate results with no compromise on image quality.

This kit includes:
• 1x Yellow filter
• 1x Orange filter
• 1x Red filter
• 1x Green filter
(Adaptor ring and filter-holder sold separately)

• M Size (P Series) - H400-03
• L Size (Z-PRO Series) - U400-03
• XL Size (X-PRO Series) - W400-03