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Camera Centre Finance With Humm by Flexifi 

Buy what you want now. Pay later in equal installments on a plan unique to you.


Complete our short application form, submit your ID and relevant documents when prompted.


We’ll complete a quick credit assessment and get back to you quickly.


Browse through our Partner Directory and choose your favourite stores – you’re welcome to spend your flexifi approval across multiple partners.


Visit your chosen store(s) and provide your mobile number at checkout, in store or online, and choose a plan that suits you.


flexifi will collect repayments from your payment card over a chosen term – all that’s left is for you to enjoy your purchase!

  • Borrow From  - €500 to €7000
  • Term - 24 or 36 Months  (Paid Monthly)
  • Customer Cost - 8.99% Interest
  • Application Fee - €40
  • Monthly Fee - €3.50
Terms & conditions apply.







Online Canon Camera Training With MICHAEL O'SULLIVAN

To help you get the most from your Canon EOS Digital SLR or Mirrorless camera and to enjoy the many unique features that Canon cameras offer, Canon are giving you the opportunity to attend an Online Camera training course, free of charge!

The unique course covers:

  • Exposure and EOS Controls simply explained.
  • Creative Lens Techniques
  • Highlights of Flash Photography

Beginners Course

The Beginners’ Course is aimed at those who have just bought their first digital SLR or Mirrorless camera. The course will concentrate on the use of the Basic Zones; Portrait Mode, Landscape and Programme Mode etc.

This course would ideally suit anyone who has purchased one of the following Canon cameras:



Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course is for those who want to start taking more control of their camera. This session will concentrate on the use of Av and Tv modes along with Programme Mode. Attendees will also learn specific shutter speeds and apertures which will be most useful in their day-to-day photography.

This course would ideally suit anyone who has purchased one of the following Canon cameras:



Email Register :

Date: 30th of October 2021

Beginners & Intermediate


Save €200 On Fujifil X-T4 

Qualifying Camera:

Start Date: 1st September 2021
End Date: 31st October 2021
Terms & conditions apply.


Fujifilm 2 Year Warranty On All X Series Products


Save €200 when bought with selected Cameras

Qualifying Cameras:

Qualifying Lenses:

Start Date: 13th October 2021
End Date: 31st January 2022
Terms & conditions apply.


Sony Winter Cashback Save Up To €400

Qualifying Compact Cameras:

Qualifying Mirrorless Cameras:

  • A6600 - €150 Cashback
  • A6600M (A6600 + SEL18135) - €150 Cashback
  • A7 M3 €200 Cashback
  • A7 M3 K (A7M3 + SEL2870) - €200 Cashback
  • A7 M3 G (A7M3 + SEL24105G) - €400 Cashback

Qualifying Lenses:

Qualifying Accessories:

Start Date: 13th October 2021
End Date: 15th January 2022
Claim Site:
Terms & conditions apply.


Receive €100 off your next lens purchases

When you bought and registered your eligible camera on My Sony, and received your voucher code(s) via email. Camera to be bought by 31.03.2022 and registered by 15.06.2022.

Qualifying Cameras:

  • ZV-E10L 
  • ZV-E10 
  • ILCE-7R4A 
  • ILCE-7R3A 
  • ILME-FX3 
  • ILCE-1 
  • ILME-FX6 
  • ILCE-6000 
  • ILCE-6000L 
  • ILCE-6000Y 
  • ILCE-6100Y 
  • ILCE-6100L 
  • ILCE-6100 
  • ILCE-6400M 
  • ILCE-6400L 
  • ILCE-6400 
  • ILCE-6600M 
  • ILCE-6600 
  • ILCE-7C 
  • ILCE-7CL 
  • ILCE-7M2K 
  • ILCE-7M2 
  • ILCE-7M3K 
  • ILCE-7M3 
  • ILCE-7RM4 
  • ILCE-7RM3 
  • ILCE-7RM2 
  • ILCE-7SM2 
  • ILCE-7SM3 
  • ILCE-9M2 
  • ILCE-9 
  • ILME-FX6

Qualifying Lenses:

  • SEL14F18GM 
  • SEL50F12GM 
  • SEL35F14GM 
  • SEL2470GM 
  • SEL1635GM 
  • SEL70200GM 
  • SEL85F14GM 
  • SEL100400GM 
  • SEL100F28GM 
  • SEL24F14GM 
  • SEL135F18GM 
  • SEL1224GM 
  • SEL200600G 
  • SEL50F14Z 
  • SEL1224G 
  • SEL1635Z 
  • SEL2470Z 
  • SEL70200G 
  • SEL55F18Z 
  • SEL90M28G 
  • SEL24105G 
  • SEL70300G 
  • SEL20F18G 
  • SEL35F14Z 
  • SEL24240 
  • SELP28135G 
  • SEL1670Z 
  • SEL24F18Z 
  • SEL1655G 
  • SEL70350G

Start Date: 12th October 2020
End Date: 31st March 2022
Claim Site:
Terms & conditions apply.


Sony ZV-E10 Instant Savings Up To €280

Qualifying Camera:


End Date: 31st January 2022
Claim Site:
Terms & conditions apply.


 Sony ZV1 & A7C Vlogger Kit Promotion

Qualifying Cameras:

Start Date: 19th May 2021
End Date: 31st January 2022
Claim Site:
Terms & conditions apply.



SONY +1 Year Extended Warranty

Register Here:

Terms & conditions apply.



Save €200 On The Olympus E-M1 Mark III 

Qualifying Camera:

Bonus Offer When Bought With 

Start Date: 15th October 2021
End Date: 29th October 2021
Terms & conditions apply.


Free Lens & Grip When You Buy The E-M5 Mark III

Qualifying Camera:

Start Date: 23rd September 2021
End Date: 25th October 2021
Claim Site:
Terms & conditions apply.


Olympus Extended Warranty On Selected Products 

Qualifying OMD Cameras:

  • OM-D E-M1 Mark II
  • OM-D E-M1
  • OM-D E-M10 Mark III
  • OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Qualifying PEN Cameras:

  • PEN-F
  • PEN E-PL9
  • PEN E-PL8
  • PEN E-PL7

Qualifying Tough Cameras:

  • Tough - TG-5
  • Tough - TG-4
  • Tough - TG-Tracker
  • Tough - TG-6

Qualifying Zuiko Lenses:

  • OM-D & PEN M.Zuiko Pro Lenses
  • OM-D & PEN M.Zuiko Premium Lenses
  • OM-D & PEN M.Zuiko  Lenses
  • Digital SLR Lenses

Qualifying Binoculars:

  • 8x42 PRO
  • 10x42 PRO

Registration Site:
Terms & conditions apply.



Save €100 On The Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 DG DN Lens 

Qualifying Lens:

Start Date: 1st October 2021
End Date: 30th November 2021
Terms & conditions apply.