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Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Clearsky (NNZSKY)

Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Clearsky (NNZSKY)

Highlights: • Contains: Nuances Clearsky glass filter, Filter pouch
Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Clearsky (NNZSKY)
Product Code: 10944
Barcode/EAN: 3611531100687

The Light Pollution filters block specific wavelengths of urban lights such as the sodium and mercury vapor lamp spectrums. The yellow and orange glow of street lights is removed for urban photography at night, and the contrast of the sky is enhanced for astrophotography by darkening the gradient of the sky background, highlighting the stars or the Milky Way. Ideal for Night CItyscape, Nightscape & Astrophotography.

Reference NNZSKY

Data sheet

Optical Coating


Double side multi AR Coating + AF Coating (waterproof, anti-oil and anti-scratch)




High resolution phosphate laser neodymium glass?Recommended operating temperatures:-10°C to +40°C