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Godox P68 Kit Parabolic Light Focusing System

Godox P68 Kit Parabolic Light Focusing System

Highlights: • Parabolic design
• Achieve different lighting effects
• Connection to your preferred flash head
• 24-arm reflector
• Small adapter ring
• One turn disconnection
• Easy to slide in and out
• Anti-rotation mechanism
• Safety Mechanisms
• Fall arrest rope
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Godox P68 Kit Parabolic Light Focusing System Series
Godox P68 Kit Parabolic Light Focusing System
Product Code: P68
Barcode/EAN: 6952344222775
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Godox P88 - Parabolic88 Reflector with Grip and Bag
Product Code: P88
Barcode/EAN: 6952344222782
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Godox P128 - Parabolic128 Reflector with Grip and Bag
Product Code: P128
Barcode/EAN: 6952344222799
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Godox P158 - Parabolic158 Refelctor with Grip and Bag
Product Code: P158
Barcode/EAN: 6952344224052
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THE GODOX P68 Kit Designed for fashion and portrait photographers, the Parabolic 68 Reflector Kit from Godox offers clean and specular highlights while also providing a broad light source that wraps around your subject. The reflector features a highly reflective silver interior with a 68 cm outer diameter. In addition to the large reflector, this kit includes a PF-M Focusing Mount, PF-R670 Focusing Rod, PF-BM Strobe Adapter, PB-G1 Grip Kit, and a CB35 Carry Bag.

Parabolic shape Only a reflector that is shaped like a true parabola will produce the desired and distinctive effects. The Godox P68, is a parabola not just in name, but provides smooth light diffusion, beautiful contrast and versatility all in one.

24 RodsThe 24 bars represent a large number of panels that make the shape of the modifier close to a true round light source.

PF-MThe PF-M Focusing Mount from Godox is an adjustable and tiltable adapter, which enables you to connect a parabolic reflector with a light stand. Additionally, it connects a parabolic reflector and focusing rod with a compatible strobe adapter mount.

In package:

Godox P68 Reflector,

PB-G1 Grip Kit,

CB35 Carry Bag,

PF-M Focusing Mount,

Strobe Adapter (Bowens-Mount),

PF-R670 Focusing Rod,

CB35 Carry Bag,

original packaging.