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Guide Infrared T120 Thermal Imaging Camera


Guide Infrared T120 Thermal Imaging Camera

Product Code: T120
Highlights: • Features:

• Multiple colour pallets: White hot, iron red, hot iron, artic, rainbow 1, rainbow 2
• Measurement Spot: Center spot
• Measurement Area: 3 (Incl. max. & mix. temp.)
• Auto Hot & Cold Spot Tracking: Yes
• Full Screen Max. & Min. Temp. Alarm: Yes
• Built-In 4GB memory (equal to 500 photos)
• Built-In battery
• Visible & thermal camera
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Guide Infrared T120

Product Description The T120 from Guide is an entry-level thermal imaging camera designed for portability and effective temperature measuring for building diagnostics, HVAC inspections, electrical systems checks and more. Equipped with a 120x90 17µm 60mK NETD thermal sensor with 10,800 pixels of thermal data available to help quickly single out hot & cold spots within the cameras field of view. Has a rugged, ergonomic body designed with a large handle and over-sized trigger for easy holding & usage. Drop tested up to 2m and has a protection rating of IP54.

Thermal Sensor: 120x90 17µm 60mK NETD
Focal Length: 2.28mm/F1.13
Frame Rate: 25/9Hz
Field of View: 50°x38°
Display: 320x240
Measuring Range: -20℃ to 150℃ (Auto switching)
Storage: TF Card (Standard 16GB, Up to 32GB)
Ports: USB-C-and TF card slot
Laser: Yes
Tripod Interface: Yes
Power: Internal Li-Ion battery
Operation Time: >8 hours (with WiFi Off)
Charge Time: >2.5 Hours
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Rated: IP54
Drop Tested: 2m
Weight: 350g