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Guide TD210 Monocular Thermal Imaging Scope

Guide TD210 Monocular Thermal Imaging Scope

Highlights: • Vanadium oxide cooled thermal sensor
• Built-in Laser
• Built-in WiFi Module
• 2 Second Start-Up Time
• Image Boost Mode
• Picture-in-Picture Mode (PiP)
• Three Scene Modes (Natural, Enhance, Highlight)
• Five Colour Modes (White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Iron Red, Blue Hot)
• Remote Control Via App
• Video Out
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The new TD210, the perfect thermal imaging monocular for searching and scanning at close to medium range. Complete with all the essential accessories, this device is compact and lightweight, and features a highly sensitive thermal sensor and HD LCOS display for impressive image clarity at a price that won’t break the bank.
Guide TD210 Monocular Thermal Imaging Scope
Product Code: TD210
Barcode/EAN: 6970883550432
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The Guide Infrared TD120 offers functional thermal rendering and good tracking and observation with its 256x192 12µm <50mK NETD and high resolution 1280x960 LCOS display.

Users can also make use of the TD120's on-board features, such as Picture-in-Picture mode, which produces a magnified image within the viewfinder, allowing the user to hone-in on a subject whilst maintaining perfect awareness of the wider field of view. Users can also further enhance the TD120's thermal imaging performance by way of the Image Boost Mode, which uses algorithms to cleverly sharpen and further define the edges of objects allowing them to be better perceived by the viewer for improved recognition.

The TD120 by Guide features a built-in laser which appears as a targeting box in the display and works up to 200m. This allows spotters to indicate to other team members the viewed target or point of interest.

The thermal imaging monocular design is highly ergonomic with a grooved exterior with a highly grippable base and main control buttons that are raised and sit within a natural handhold position for maximum performance.

Thermal Sensor: 256x192 12µm <50mK NETD
Digital Zoom: 1-2x
Focus: Electronic
Dioptre: -4~+2
Objective Lens: 10mm (f/1.0)
Exit Pupil: 17mm
Display: 1280x960 LCOS
Laser Distance: 200m
Battery Life: 8 hours
Battery Type: ICR18650 Cell (2200mAh 3.7v)
Rated: IP66
Weight: 360g