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Hahnel Captur Timer Module

Hahnel Captur Timer Module
Product Code: 1000 708.3
Barcode/EAN: 5099113307088

There are accessories available that help you to expand the functionality of the Captur device.

The first of these is the Module - Timer.
This accessory for the Captur will give you endless photographic opportunities & is ideal for time lapse & long exposure photography.

Fully programmable timed sequence of delay timer, interval timer, exposure count & exposure length setting
Connect wirelessly to the camera using the Captur (sold separately)
High-tech, reliable wireless 2.4GHz transmission up to 100M
DCM - Digital Channel Matching
Powered by AA batteries
Connect wirelessly to camera using the ‘Captur’ (sold separately) 

• Wireless Remote Shutter Release for DSLR cameras
• Wireless Remote Control for DSLR flashgun
• Interchangeable Camera connector cables included per brand
• Autofocus & Shutter Release with Continuous shooting & Bulb
• Additional receivers available to trigger multiple flashguns or
• Additional Captur accessories available to capture Time-lapse
Photography, High Speed Photography and Motion & Wildlife
• Powered by AA batteries