• [24mm cleaning stick (APS)] 1. Tailored according to the size of the APS-C frame sensor, the sensor is safely protected, the front end is soft and scratch-resistant, and cleaning is more assured.
• • 2. Single vacuum packaging, single portable and hygienic, easy to carry when going out and small in size. (Equipped with 16 pieces, the customer cleans it many times)
• • 3. The front end wraps the lens to prevent debris, making cleaning more clean;
• • 4. The groove fits the thumb, which is ergonomic, and the design of the flexible grip allows the tongue to be close to the sensor without harm;
• • [Clean bottle] Using squeeze drop bottle, the liquid can be dripped evenly, and the amount of liquid can be accurately controlled.

K&F 24mm Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab Kit

K&F 24mm Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab Kit
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