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K&F MS12 Plastic Mobile Phone Holder (KF31.084)

Highlights: • K&F Concept Cell Phone Holder Clamp With Two Cold Shoe Mount 360° Adjustment


K&F MS12 Plastic Mobile Phone Holder (KF31.084)
K&F MS12 Plastic Mobile Phone Holder (KF31.084)
Product Code: KF31.084
Barcode/EAN: 6942052522434
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The mobile phone holder adopts a double cold shoe design, which can easily install various photography accessories, such as microphones, fill lights, etc., to achieve more shooting effects.

* It has a 180° angle adjustment for tilt shooting and is equipped with a locking button to ensure that it will not loosen during shooting and is safe and secure.

* The mobile phone holder has a 360° angle adjustment, which can satisfy both horizontal and vertical shooting, and better adapt to different shooting needs.

* The bottom of the mobile phone clip has a 1/4" screw hole and a cold shoe interface, allowing the mobile phone clip to be easily connected to a tripod or other photography equipment.

* The mobile phone clip is compatible with mobile phones with a maximum width of 90mm. The spring is stretched and fixed, making it very easy to fix. The product design is compact and easy to carry, so you can turn on the shooting mode anytime and anywhere