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Minolta Dynax 500si + 35-70mm lens (S/H)

Minolta Dynax 500si + 35-70mm lens (S/H)

Highlights: • The Dynax 500si is a 35mm SLR camera manufactured by Minolta. It is also known as the Maxxum 400si and Maxxum RZ400si.
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Minolta Minolta Dynax 500si + 35-80mm lens (S/H)
Minolta Dynax 500si + 35-70mm lens (S/H)
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35mm autofocus SLR film camera released by Minolta in 1994. It is also known as the Maxxum 400si. Integrated flash with 1/90sec sync speed. Plastic body available in black and silver.

Shutter: Vertical metal shutter, 30s - 1/2000s

ISO range: 25 - 5000 DX coded

Size: 145 x 93 x 63mm

Weight: 382g

Compatible battery type(s) for the Minolta Dynax 500si Date + 3580mm f4-5.6 AF Zoom: 2CR5 6V

image by Masa Ishii (Image rights)
Type: Autofocus system single lens reflex camera body
Manufacturer: Minolta
Year of launch: 1994
Film type: 35mm film with speeds ASA 25 to ASA 5000, DX film speed acknowledgement
Lens mount: Minolta AF mount
Metering: 2 Si photo diodes, one for flash TTL control, EV 1 to 20
Focusing: 1-CCD TTL phase detection autofocus
Programs: landscape, sports, macro, portrait and night portrait
Modes: program, fully automatic, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual settings
Flash: for wide-angle (28mm), guide number 12, flash sync shutter speed 1/90 sec
Shutter: focal plane shutter with speeds from 30sec to 1/2000sec plus bulb mode, 1 image/sec
Film advance: fully automatic morotorized advance and rewind
Display: LCD
Viewfinder: pentaprism, magnification 0.75, 90% of image frame
Battery: 2CR5 6V Lithium battery
Dimensions: 147×92×66mm
Weight: 395g