Nikon Z 85mm F:1.8 S


Nikon Z 85mm F:1.8 S

Nikon Z 85mm F:1.8 S
Product Code: JMA301DA
Barcode/EAN: 18208200900
Nikon Z 85mm F:1.8 S + UV Protection Filter

Captivating Portraits. Breathtaking Details.

Elevated by advancements of the revolutionary Z mount, the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S is a premium S-Line lens that blends optical ingenuity and artistic nuance. Flattering perspective. Breathtaking resolution. Stunning bokeh. Unwavering focus and lifelike accuracy compensation. This is an 85mm prime lens that will thrill and inspire those who shoot portraits, headshots, fashion, weddings, tight video shots, street photography or any situation that highlights the human form.

Maximum Aperture
f/ 1.8
Approx. Dimensions (Diameter x Length)
3.0 in. (75mm) x 3.9 in. (99mm)
Approx. Weight
16.6 oz. (470 g)